LG MD-2653GTS User Manual

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12 Before cooking, pierce the skin of potatoes, apples or any such fruit or


13 Do not cook eggs in their shell. Pressure will build up inside the egg which

will burst.

14 Do not attempt deep fat frying in your oven.
15 Remove the plastic wrapping from food before cooking or defrosting. Note

though that in some cases food should be covered with plastic film, for
heating or cooking.

16 If the oven door or door seals are damaged, the oven must not be

operated until it has been repaired by a qualified service technician.

17 If smoke is observed, switch off or disconnect the oven from the power

supply and keep the oven door closed in order to stifle any flames.

18 When food is heated or cooked in disposable containers of plastic, paper

or other combustible materials, check the oven frequently due to the
possibility of the food container is deteriorating.

19 Only allow children to use the oven without supervision when adequate

instructions have been given so that the child is able to use the oven in a
safe way and understands the hazards of improper use.

20 Liquids or other foods must not be heated in sealed containers since they

are liable to explode.

21 Do not operate the oven, if the door seals and adjacent parts of the

microwave oven are faulty, until the oven has been repaired by a qualified
service technician.

22 Check the utensils are suitable for use in microwave ovens before use.
23 Do not touch the oven door, outer cabinet, rear cabinet, oven cavity,

accessories and dishes during grill mode, convection mode and auto cook
operations, unless wearing thick oven gloves, as they will become hot.
Before clearing make sure they are not hot.

Please ensure cooking times are correctly
set as over cooking may result in FIRE and
subsequent DAMAGE to the OVEN.

Important safety instructions
Read carefully and keep for future reference

1 Do not attempt to tamper with, or make any adjustments or repairs to the

door, control panel, safety interlock switches or any other part of the oven.
It is hazardous for anyone to carry out any service or repair operation
which involves the removal of any cover which gives protection against
exposure to microwave energy. Repairs should only be undertaken by a
qualified service technician.

2 Do not operate the oven when empty. It is best to leave a glass of water in

the oven when not in use. The water will safely absorb all microwave
energy, if the oven is accidentally started.

3 Do not use the oven for the purpose of dehumidification. It can be the cause

of serious damage of safety. (ex. Operating the microwave oven with the
wet newspapers, clothes, toys, pet or portable electric devices, etc.)

4 Do not cook food wrapped in paper towels, unless your cook book contains

instructions, for the food you are cooking.

5 Do not use newspaper in place of paper towels for cooking.
6 Do not use wooden containers. They may heat-up and char. Do not use

ceramic containers which have metallic (e.g. gold or silver) inlays. Always
remove metal twist ties. Metal objects in the oven may arc, which can cause
serious damage.

7 Do not operate the oven with a kitchen towel, a napkin or any other

obstruction between the door and the front edges of the oven, which may
cause microwave energy leakage.

8 Do not use recycled paper products since they may contain impurities which

may cause sparks and/or fires when used in cooking.

9 Do not rinse the turntable by placing it in water just after cooking. This may

cause breakage or damage.

10 Small amounts of food require shorter cooking or heating time. If normal

times are allowed they may overheat and burn.

11 Be certain to place the oven so the front of the door is 8 cm or more

behind the edge of the surface on which it is placed, to avoid accidental
tipping of the appliance.

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