Setting the clock – LG MD-2653GTS User Manual

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Setting the

You can set either 12 hour clock or 24 hour clock.
In the following example I will show you how to set the time for 14:35 when using the 24 clock.
Make sure that you have removed all packaging from your oven.

When your oven is plugged in for the
first time or when power resumes after a
power cut, a ‘0’ will be shown in the
display; you will have to reset the clock.

If the clock (or display) shows any
strange looking symbols, unplug your
oven from the electrical socket and plug
it back in and reset the clock.

During clock setting the colon will flash,
After setting, the colon will stop flashing.

Make sure that you have correctly installed your oven as described
earlier in this book.


Press SET CLOCK once.

(If you want to use a 12 hour clock, Press SET CLOCK once more.
If you want to change different option after setting clock,
you have to unplug and plug it back in.)

Press 10 MIN fifteen times.
Press 1 MIN three times.
Press 10 SEC five times.

If the key (10 MIN / 1 MIN / 10 SEC) is pressed and held, the time will
increase rapidly.

Press SET CLOCK to set the time.

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