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Never use metal or metal trimmed utensils in your
microwave oven

Microwaves cannot penetrate metal. They will bounce off any metal object in the
oven and cause arcing, an alarming phenomenon that resembles lightning.
Most heat resistant non metallic cooking utensils are safe for use in your microwave
oven. However, some may contain materials that render them unsuitable as
microwave cookware. If you have any doubts about a particular utensil, there’s a
simple way to find out if it can be used in your microwave oven.
Place the utensil in question next to a glass bowl filled with water in the microwave
oven. Microwave at power HIGH for 1 minute. If the water heats up but the utensil
remains cool to the touch, the utensil is microwave~safe. However, if the water does
not change temperature but the utensil becomes warm, microwaves are being
absorbed by the utensil and it is not safe for use in the microwave oven. You
probably have many items on hand in your kitchen right now that can be used as
cooking equipment in your microwave oven. Just read through the following

Dinner plates

Many kinds of dinner-ware are microwave-safe. If in doubt consult the
manufacturer’s literature or perform the microwave test.


Glassware that is heat-resistant is microwave-safe. This would include all brands of
oven tempered glass cookware. However, do not use delicate glassware, such as
tumblers or wine glasses, as these might shatter as the food warms.

Plastic storage containers

These can be used to hold foods that are to be quickly reheated. However, they
should not be used to hold foods that will need considerable time in the oven as hot
foods will eventually warp or melt plastic containers.


Paper plates and containers are convenient and safe to use in your microwave oven,
provided that the cooking time is short and foods to be cooked are low in fat and
moisture. Paper towels are also very useful for wrapping foods and for lining baking
trays in which greasy foods such as bacon are cooked. In general, avoid coloured
paper products as the colour may run. Some recycled paper products may contain
impurities which could cause arcing or fires when used in the microwave oven.

Plastic cooking bags

Provided they are made specially for cooking, cooking bags are microwave safe.
However, be sure to make a slit in the bag so that steam can escape. Never use
ordinary plastic bags for cooking in your microwave oven, as they will melt and

Plastic microwave cookware

A variety of shapes and sizes of microwave cookware are available. For the most
part, you can probably use items you already have on hand rather than investing in
new kitchen equipment.

Pottery, stoneware and ceramic

Containers made of these materials are usually fine for use in your microwave oven,
but they should be tested to be sure.


Some items with high lead or iron content are not suitable for cooking
Utensils should be checked to ensure that they are suitable for use in
microwave ovens.

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