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Page 17: Call forward

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If your phone has been programmed to have Do Not Disturb,

Press DND/FWD button while on-hook or your phone is ringing.

The LED is lighting and your phone is in DND.

To remove Do Not Disturb,

Press DND/FWD button while on-hook.

The LED is extinguished and DND at your phone is removed.


On LKD-2N/S, 8D/S,

Dial 5 3 instead of pressing DND/FWD button (Toggle setting).

Do Not Disturb

Intercom Features



Lift handset or press MON button. (The MON button is lighting.)

Press DND/FWD button.

Press the call forward type;

0 - Follow me (not available in aria 16/20W)
1 - Unconditional
2 - Busy calls
3 - No answer calls
4 - Busy / no answer calls
5 - Station off-net
6 - Incoming outside line to off-net (system attendant only)
7 - DVU forward - 1 (forwarded after 4sec)
8 - DVU forward - 2 (forwarded after predefined time)
9 - DVU forward for busy

Dial station number or press DSS button or intercom group.

Confirmation tone is heard and DND/FWD button is flashing

on forwarded station.

Hang up.

- Follow-me should be programmed from the station that you will be
forwarded to i.e. if your extension is 702 and you are forwarding to
704, then you will need to go to 704 to program the feature. Also,
this feature requires authorization code and system programming.
- For Station Off-net, the number you are forwarding to should be
saved as a speed dial number first. (Please see the Page 12 to save
a Speed Dial Number.)
- System programming required for: Incoming outside line to Off-net

To cancel call forward,

Lift handset or press MON button.

Press DND/FWD button and dial #, Hang up.

To cancel Incoming Outside line to Off-net

(at system attendant),

Press MON + DND/FWD + CO line code (CO group/CO line no.
/CO BTN) + #


Station. No.
186 : 700~891
100 : 700~835
34e : 700~777

ICM. Group
186 : 9700~9729
100 : 9700~9714
34e : 9700~9707

On LKD-2N/S, 8D/S,

Dial 5 4 instead of pressing DND/FWD button.

Call Forward

A call can be forwarded to the other station or group depending on the call forward type. It should be
programmed in Admin. Programming to use some of the Call Forward types.

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