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Fixed Feature Buttons

FLASH button may be used to terminate an outside call and

re-seize dial tone without having to hang up the handset.

SPEED button provides you with access to speed dialing, save

number redial and last number redial.

TRANS (TRANSFER) button is used to transfer an outside call

from a station to another.

CALLBK (CALLBACK) button allows you to leave a callback

indication at a station that is busy, unattended, or in Do Not

CONF button is used to establish conference calls.

DND/FWD (Do Not Disturb/Forward) button allows you to

forward your calls to another destination, or make DND mode.

Quick Reference Guide for aria Digital Key Telephone

MUTE button allows you to switch the built in microphone

on or off when using the speakerphone or the handset
microphone when using the handset.

MON button enables you to make a phone call with-out

lifting handset. It turns the telephone on and off when using
the speakerphone.

HOLD button enables you to place an outside caller on hold.

REDIAL allows you to make last number redial and auto

call number redial.

● ▼ VOLUME ▲ bar allows you to adjust speakerphone and

handset volume.

Call Forward

● Press MON button.

● Press DND/FWD button (or dial 4 9) and dial the
desired Call

Forward type.
- 0 : Follow me
- 1 : Unconditional
- 2 : Busy calls
- 3 : No answer calls
- 4 : Busy/no answer calls
- 5 : Station off-net
- 6 : Incoming outside line to off-net (

ATD only


- 7 : DVU forward for no answer-1(after 4sec)
- 8 : DVU forward for no answer-2

(after predefined time)

- 9 : DVU forward for busy
- # : Cancel previous call forward

● Dial the station number or press DSS button or

intercom group where calls are forwarded.

(Confirmation tone is heard.)

Call Wait (Camp-on)
If you dial a busy station, you may alert it to your call.

● After receiving intercom busy tone, dial * or the last

digit of called station number or press DSS button.

● When the called party answers, consult with them

or hang up to transfer the call, if any.


● Call the desired party (internal or outside). When

called party answers, press CONF button.

● Add next conference party by selecting another

outside line or intercom station.

● When the party answers, press CONF button twice.

All parties are connected.

To terminate a conference,
The conference initiator should be actively in the

● Hang up, or press CONF button to finish the

conference (only for conference initiator).

Leaving a Message Waiting Indication
If you dial a station that is unattended or in Do
Not Disturb, you can leave a message waiting

● Dial the desired intercom station. Busy tone or

DND tone is heard.

● Press CALLBK button (or dial * 6 6). The called

party’s CALLBK
button LED will flash.

To answer a Message Waiting Indication,

● Press flashing CALLBK button (or dial * 6 7) and

the station that

left message will be signaled with tone ringing.

● If called station does not answer, press the

CALLBK button once to leave a message.

Placing an Outside Call on Hold
While connected to an outside line,

● Press HOLD/SAVE button.

- Once for system hold
- Twice for exclusive hold

● Reverse if hold preference is programmed to

system hold.

● Press HOLD/SAVE button.

Last Number Redial
The last dialed number on an outside line is saved.

● Press REDIAL button. Or,

● Press SPEED button and dial *



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