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Page 35: Telephone systems

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Message Waiting

Lift handset.

Dial the desired extension number.

No reply from a key station or extension busy tone

from a SLT key station.

‘Flash’ the hook switch.

Dial * 6 6 .

Hang up.

Call Forward

Lift handset.

Dial 5 4

Dial the desired call forward number.

1 - Unconditional,

2 - Busy calls

3 - No answer calls,

4 - Busy/no answer calls

5 - Station off-net

# - Cancel previous forward

6 - Incoming outside line to off-net
7 - DVU forward for no answer-1 (forward after 4sec)
8 - DVU forward for no answer-2 (forward after

predefined time)

9 - DVU forward for busy

Dial the station / group number to forward calls to.

aria 186: 700~891 /9700~9729
aria 100: 700~835 / 9700~9714
aria 34E : 700~777 / 9700~9707

Hang up.

To cancel Call Forward, lift handset and dial 5 4 and #.

or dial 5 9.

For “Follow Me” Call Forward

Go to the forwarding station and lift handset.

Dial 5 4

Dial 0.

Dial the station number that calls are to be


Dial the authorization code of forwarded extension.

(The authorization code should be registered

before "Follow Me" Call Forward can be set.)

Dial the extension number that will receive the call.

Hang up.

Do Not Disturb (DND)

Lift handset.

Dial 5

Place the handset.

To cancel Do Not Disturb,

Lift handset.

Dial 5 3 or 5 9.

Hang up.

Shuttle Call

An extension user engaged in an internal or

external call, should briefly press hook switch to
hold a call (‘flash’ the hook switch).

The holding party hears music on hold. (If equipped)

Dial the second number of another internal or

external call.

When the second call is connected, the extension

user may alternate the call between holding
parties by ‘flashing’ the hook switch.

Then, you may make a conference by ‘flashing’

the hook switch.

Universal Night Answer

When hearing an incoming signal on other phone or
night bell, when system is in night ringing mode

Lift handset.

Dial Universal Night Answer Access Code 2 .

You will be connected to an incoming call if it was

programmed as an Universal Night Answer line.


Lift handset.

Dial the desired page zone number.

Give your message.

Hang up to complete paging.

Page Zones
Call All zones: # 6
Call All Internal zones: # 3
Internal zone 1 : # 0 1
Internal zone 2 : # 0 2

: :

Internal zone xx : # x x (to maximum zones below)
aria 186: 20
aria 100: 15
aria 34E: 05
External zone 1 : # 4 1 (aria 34E & below only)
External zone 2 : # 4 2 (aria 186 & aria 100 & below only)
Call all external zones : # 5

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