Assembling and connecting to the speakers – LG LH-T755 User Manual

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Assembling and Connecting to
the Speakers

The speakers are detached from the speaker stands.
Connect the speaker cables and assemble the front
and rear speakers from speaker stands as illustrated.

How to connect the Speakers

1. Connect the speaker cables to the appropriate

terminal on the bottom of the round board.

2. Set the speaker on the stand.

3. Fix the speaker and the stand by inserting the 2

screws (4 mm) in the speaker hole.

4. Close the holder cover of the speaker.

To change the stand

1. Open the holder cover of the speaker.

2. Remove the 2 screws in the speaker hole.

3. Remove the speaker from the stand.

4. Remove the 4 screws from the round board.

5. Remove the stand from the round board.

6. Disconnect the connector cable between the stand

and round board.

7. Connect the connector cable between the desired

stand and round board.

8. Set the desired stand on the round board.

9. Fix the desired stand and the round board with the

4 screws.

10. Follow steps 2-4 of “Assembling the Speakers”.