Transferring music – LG CU500 User Manual

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Transferring Music

Listen to music on your phone.

Transfer your favorite tunes today!

1. You must convert your music to either .MP3, .AAC, or

.AAC+ format using the media player of your choice.

2. Remove the battery and insert the microSD


(gold contacts facing down) into the slot at the top of

the phone.

3. Power on the phone and connect it to your PC using a

USB data cable.*

4. When the Hardware Wizard pops up, click Cancel.
5. The PC recognizes the phone as a Removable Disk

under My Computer. Open the folder where your

music is stored and transfer your files by dragging and

dropping them onto the Removable Disk icon.

6. When finished, press the Right Soft Key on the phone

for Exit and disconnect the USB cable.

Note: The number of files you can store depends on the size

and format options of the memory card.

Warning! Do not disconnect phone

while file transfer is in progress.



card and

USB data

cable sold



Windows 2000

or later. Not


with Mac OS.