Taking photos/recording video instant messaging – LG CU500 User Manual

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Taking Photos/Recording Video

Instant Messaging

If you subscribe to an instant messaging (IM) service such as AOL



MSN, Yahoo!


, or ICQ


, you can take the convenience and fun of

IM on the go with your mobile phone.

1. From standby mode, press right on the Navigation Key to

access IM.

2. Highlight the IM community you want to enter, select

Sign In/On, and press


3. The first time you enter a community, enter your Screen

Name/ID or Email and your Password. Check the Auto Sign

On/In box to be automatically connected in the future. Press

the Left Soft Key to Sign In/On.

4. Select a contact that is currently online and press


5. Enter your message and press

twice to send. To end a chat,

select Option, then End Conversation.

Note: When you receive an incoming instant message, a “new

message” icon similar to this one

will appear on the screen.