Taking pictures – LG CU500 User Manual

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Taking Pictures

Capture everything around you in vivid detail via the 1.3

megapixel camera with video. Then share it instantly with

friends via multimedia messaging.

1. To take a picture, press the


2. Rotate the camera lens toward your subject. Press the

volume keys to flip the viewfinder image.

3. Press left or right on the Navigation Key to adjust

brightness and up or down for zoom


. Press the Right

Soft Key to adjust image resolution, quality, self timer, or

other options.

4. Press

to take the picture.

5. To send your picture, press the Left Soft Key. Add text,

then press

to enter recipients. To choose a contact from

the address book, press

. Press the Left Soft Key to


* Camera resolution of 1280 x 960

does not support zoom function.

Note: To take a photo with the flip closed, press the Task Key.

Scroll down with the volume keys to Take Photo and press