Control panel functions – LG lcd monitor ips231p User Manual

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Control Panel Functions

INPUT Button

Use this button to turn the display on or off.

Power Button

When two input signals are connected, you can select the
input signal (D-SUB/DVI) you want. When only one signal
is connected, it is automatically detected. The default
setting is D-Sub.

(SOURCE Hot key)

Exit the OSD(On Screen Display).

EXIT Button

AUTO Button

When adjusting your display settings, always press
the AUTO button before entering the On Screen
Display(OSD). (Only Analog Mode)

This will automatically adjust your display image to
the ideal settings for the current screen resolution
size (display mode).

The best display mode is
IPS231P/IPS231B : 1920 x 1080

Power Indicator

The power indicator stays blue if the display is running
properly (On Mode). If the display is in Sleep Mode
(Power Saving), the power indicator is blinking blue.