Installing the wall mount plate – LG lcd monitor ips231p User Manual

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Wall mount plate(Separate purchase)
This is stand-type or wall mount type and is
connectable with Wall mount plate.
Please refer to the installation guide for more
details, which is provided when Wall mount plate
is purchased.

Kensington Security Slot
Connected to a locking
cable that can be
purchased separately at
most computer stores.


Install the Wall mount plate.

<Screw Mounting Interface Dimension>
Hole spacing : 75 mm x 75 mm.


VESA compatible only with respect to screw mounting interface dimensions and mounting screw
Please use VESA standard as below.
* 784.8 mm and under (30.9 inch)

- Wall Mount Pad Thickness : 2.6 mm
- Screw : 4.0 mm x Pitch 0.7 mm x Length 10 mm

* 787.4 mm and above (31.0 inch)

- Please use VESA standard wall mount pad and screws.

Wall Mount pad

Installing the Wall mount plate