Warning, Avertissement – LG LENNOX MPB3328CNE User Manual

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Ne pas se servir de cet appareil s'il a été plongé
dans l'eau, complètement ou en partie. Appeler
un technicien qualifi é pour inspecter l'appareil et
remplacer toute partie du système de contrôle et
toute commande qui ont été plongés dans l'leau.

Test gauge connections are provided on the front
of the millivolt gas control valve (identifi ed OUT
for the manifold side and IN for inlet pressure. A
1/8" NPT test gauge connection is provided on the
electronic gas control valve adjacent to the outlet
to the main burner.

Minimum inlet gas pressure to these appliances is
5.0 inches water column (1.24 kPa) for natural gas
and 11 inches water column (2.74 kPa) for propane
for the purpose of input adjustment.

Maximum inlet gas supply pressure to these appli-
ances is 10.5 inches water column (2.61 kPa) for
natural gas and 13.0 inches water column (3.23
kPa) for propane.

The appliance must be isolated from the gas supply
piping system (by closing its individual manual
shut-off valve) during any pressure testing of the
gas supply piping system at test pressures equal
to or less than 1/2 psig (3.5 kPa).

The appliance and its individual shut-off valve
must be disconnected from the gas supply piping
system during any pressure testing of that system
at pressures in excess of 1/2 psig (3.5 kPa).

These appliances must not be connected to a
chimney or fl ue serving a separate solid fuel
burning appliance.

Any safety guard or screen removed for servicing
the appliance must be replaced prior to operating
the appliance.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Early signs of
carbon monoxide poisoning are similar to the fl u
with headaches, dizziness and/or nausea. If you
have these signs, obtain fresh air immediately.
Turn off the gas supply to the appliance and have
it serviced by a qualifi ed professional, as it may
not be operating correctly.


Appliance operation may be controlled through a
remotely located optional wall switch. Separate
switches may provide independent control for
the remote controlled fi replace operation (op-
tional equipment).

In lieu of remote or remote wall switch operation,
the appliance must be operated directly through
the controls located on the front of the valve
located within the control compartment which is
located behind the control compartment access
panel below the appliance front glass enclosure
panel. See Figure 1.

Gas Controls/Control Compartment

The gas controls can be found behind the control
compartment access panel. To open the control
compartment access panel, actuate the spring
loaded magnetic catches securing the panel.
First, gently depress the upper right top corner
of the panel until the magnet catch "pops" the
door free. Then, gently pulling the panel forward,
disengage the left magnet catch and allow the
panel to swing down to open.

Operation of millivolt and electronic gas control
systems are different. Before lighting and op-
erating your appliance determine if you have a
millivolt or electronic appliance. See Figure 1
for access to the control compartment.

Millivolt appliances will be fi tted with the gas
control valve shown in Figure 3 on Page 4.

Appliances with electronic systems will be fi t-
ted with the electronic valve shown in Figure
2 on Page 4

Familiarize yourself with the gas control valve
that your appliance uses.

Millivolt Appliances -
To light millivolt appliances refer to the detailed
lighting instructions found on Page 18 (English)
and Page 19
(French). Millivolt appliance
lighting instructions may also be found on the
pull-out lighting instruction labels attached to
the gas control valve
. Refer to Figure 3 on Page
for the location of the piezo Igniter.

Millivolt appliances may be fi tted with an optional
burner ON/OFF Rocker Switch. The optional ON/
OFF Rocker switch will be installed in the bracket
just beneath the gas control valve. Once the pilot
is lit, the ON/OFF rocker switch will control the
appliance ON/OFF operation. To operate: Toggle
the switch between its ON and OFF positions.

Figure 1

Piezo Igniter


Gas Valve



Access Panel


B-Vent appliances are not designed
to operate in negatively pressured
environments (pressure within the
home is less than pressures outside).
Significant negatively pressured
environments caused by weather,
home design, or other devices may
impact the operation of these appli-
ances. Negative pressures may result
in poor fl ame appearance, sooting,
damage to property and/or severe
personal injury. Do not operate these
appliances in negatively pressured


Failure to comply with the installa-
tion and operating instructions pro-
vided in this document will result in
an improperly installed and operat-
ing appliance, voiding its warranty.
Any change to this appliance and/or
its operating controls is dangerous.
Improper installation or use of this
appliance can cause serious injury
or death form fi re, burns, explosion
or carbon monoxide poisoning.


Children and adults should be
alerted to the hazards of high sur-
face temperatures. Use caution
around the appliance to avoid burns
or clothing ignition. Young children
should be carefully supervised
when they are in the same room
as the appliance.


Surveiller les enfants. Garder les
vêtements, les meubles, l'essence
ou autres liquides à vapeur infl am-
mables lin de l'appareil.


Do not place clothing or other fl am-
mable materials on or near this