Warning – LG LENNOX MPB3328CNE User Manual

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Figure 12

Burner Flame Appearance - Model MPB-3328

Burner Flame Appearance - Model MPB-3530

Burner Flame Appearance - Model MPB-4035 & MPB-4540

Initial Installation Considerations

The packaged logs are located within the fi rebox.
The decorative volcanic stone and glowing
embers are packaged separately in plastic bags
located in the control area of the fi replace.

If the logs are being installed for the fi rst time,
the following paragraphs apply:

DO NOT attempt to install the logs until the ap-
pliance installation has been completed, the gas
line connected and tested for leaks and the initial
burner operation has been checked out.

Proper twig placement is critical to prevent soot-
ing. Twigs should be placed in the gaps between
the fl ame peaks and should be positioned so
that at no time they impinge the fl ames.

Step 1. Remove the appliance front door.
Step 2. Remove the log set from the interior
of the fi replace.
Step 3. Remove the logs from their packaging.
Handle logs carefully to prevent breakage.
Step 4.
MPB-4035 & MPB-4540 Models
Remove the restraining strap from the grate
tines. Ensure the grate is fully inserted into
the holes on the fi rebox rear panel and over
the indents on the fi rebox fl oor.

Log Placement


This appliance is not meant to burn
wood. Any attempt to do so could
cause irreparable damage to your
appliance and prove hazardous to
your safety.


Logs get very hot and will remain
hot up to one hour after gas supply
is turned off. Handle only when
logs are cool. Turn off all electricity
to the appliance before you install
grate and logs.


The size and position on the log set
IS Critical to give your appliance a
safe, reliable and attractive fl ame
pattern. Any attempt to use a dif-
ferent log set in the fi replace will
void the Warranty and will result in
incomplete combustion, sooting,
and poor fl ame quality.