2 – resolution, 3 – screen mode, 4 – audio input select – Novo Minoru Minoru 3D User Manual

Page 13: 5 – start/stop recording, 6 – take snapshot

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M i n o r u 3 D W e b c a m U s e r ’ s G u i d e , R e v i s i o n 1 . 2 , F e b r u a r y
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2 – Resolution

Select the output resolution for Minoru. Choose from 320 x 240, 352 x 288, 640 x 480 or
800 x 600 pixels. The chosen resolution is used for the recorded video or snapshot.

3 – Screen mode

Select the screen mode for the video preview. Choose from 100%, 200% or Full screen.
When viewing full screen video in 3D it is best to stand back from the monitor, 6 feet (2
metres) is the recommended viewing distance.

4 – Audio input select

By default, ‘Novo – Minoru’s Ears’ are used to record the soundtrack for the video file. You
can select a different recording device if you prefer to use that instead.

5 – Start/Stop Recording

This button is used for recording video; see below to learn how to record a video.

6 – Take Snapshot

This button is used to take a snapshot, see below to learn how to take and email