Troubleshooting, Specifications – Novo Minoru Minoru 3D User Manual

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M i n o r u 3 D W e b c a m U s e r ’ s G u i d e , R e v i s i o n 1 . 2 , F e b r u a r y
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• The webcam output freezes or the webcam cannot work in the higher resolution

modes 640 x 480 and 800 x 600.

• When Minoru is plugged into a front panel USB port you see a message, ‘USB Device

Not Recognised’.


• Plug Minoru into a USB port at the rear of your PC. The front panel USB ports on

some PC’s are not working properly to the high specification required by Minoru.

• Some older slower PC’s cannot display the video fast enough when the high

resolution modes are used. Please use the 320 x 240 mode instead.


• Minoru will not work with Yahoo Messenger


• Yahoo Messenger uses an old video technology and Minoru is not compatible with


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High Speed USB 2.0 3D Webcam

2 x VGA 640x480 CMOS sensor

2 x High quality wide angle lens

Built in USB microphone

800 x 600, 640 x 480, 352 x 288 and 320 x 240 pixel output, up to 30 fps

Output - 3D optimised anaglyph (red/cyan), Picture in Picture (PiP) and standard 2D

Multi-position stand

Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Vista