Novo Minoru Minoru 3D User Manual

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M i n o r u 3 D W e b c a m U s e r ’ s G u i d e , R e v i s i o n 1 . 2 , F e b r u a r y
2 0 0 9

P a g e |


Focus Minoru’s right eye by turning the lens ring until the image of your face appears

Vertical alignment...At this point you should still not wear the 3D glasses. Look at Minoru
and you should see two images of your face on the screen, a blue image and a red image.
Adjust the vertical slider so that the red and blue images of your face are at exactly the
same height on the screen. Sometimes it is easiest to look at the top or bottom of your
head or at your eyes in order to align the two images.