220v single-phase grounding, Amperage draw / minimum circuit requirements, Plug type / extension cords – Pioneer PNR 14-150 User Manual

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© 2006 Pioneer Supply International


© 2006 Pioneer Supply International

SECTION 3: Set up

WARNING: This planer is a heavy machine (560 lbs. shipping weight). DO NOT over-exert yourself
while unpacking or moving this machine. To be safe, you will need assistance and power equip-
ment when moving the shipping crate and removing the machine from the crate. Safety glasses
should be worn during the entire set up process. Read through this entire manual to become famil-
iar with the set up, controls and operations before starting the machine.

The Pioneer PNR 14-150 was carefully packed when it left the warehouse. If you discover the machine is
damaged after you have signed for delivery, please call your supplier immediately. Save the containers and all
packing materials for possible inspection by the carrier or its agent. Photograph any damage. Otherwise, fil-
ing a freight claim can be difficult. When you are completely satisfied with the condition of your shipment, you
should inventory the contents before beginning set up process.

In the event that any nonproprietary parts are missing (e.g. a nut or a washer), contact your supplier, or for
the sake of expediency, replacements can be obtained at your local hardware store.

The following items are needed to complete the set up process, but are not included with your machine:
4' straightedge or longer, dial indicator, phillips screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, plug and receptacle.


SECTION 2: Power Requirements

WARNING: Machine must be grounded properly to prevent electrocution or fire. Ensure your
electrical configuration complies with local and state codes. Contact qualified electrician to ensure
compliance. DO NOT connect the machine to the power source until instructed to do so, as serious
personal injury could occur.

220V Single-Phase Grounding

All electrical connections must be made in accordance with local codes. Grounding reduces the risk of electric
shock if an electrical short happens. This machine has a power cord that has a grounding wire, which must
be properly connected to the grounding prong on the plug. NOTE: The outlet must be properly installed and
grounded for this to operate properly.

Amperage Draw / Minimum Circuit Requirements

The motor on the PNR 14-150 will draw 18 amps during operation. Only connect your machine to a circuit
that meets the requirements. Always check to see if the wires and circuit breaker in your circuit are capable
of handling the amperage draw from your machine, as well as any other machines that could be operating on
the same circuit. If you are unsure, consult a qualified electrician. NOTE: Start up amperage draw is signifi-
cantly higher than running draw.

Plug Type / Extension Cords

An L6-20 plug and receptacle is recommended to connect your machine to power. It is NOT recommend using
extension cords on 220V equipment. Instead, arrange the placement of your equipment and the installed wiring
to eliminate the need for extension cords. If you find it absolutely necessary to use an extension cord at 220V
with your machine, check with a qualified electrician for the correct sizing, gauge, type, and maximum possible
length for your needs.