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© 2006 Pioneer Supply International


© 2006 Pioneer Supply International

Table Parallelism

Your Pioneer planer is pre-set parallel at the factory and should rarely need adjustment. However, in the
instance that lumber is not parallel in width follow the adjustment procedures.

Table Parallelism Inspection

1 Disconnect from power source before performing

any adjustments.

2 Table parallelism adjustments less than .016”

(the difference in thickness from one side of the
board to the other)

3 Loosen the caps screws that hold the head cast-

ing in position. (Figure 32) Move the casting up
or down to the proper position and tighten. See
figure 33 and 34. Plane another test piece.

Adjusting Table Parallelism

If the variance is greater than .016” you will need to turn the column sprockets to adjust parallelism.

1 You first need to gain access to the sprockets by tilting the

planer on its side.


WARNING: The planer is very heavy

and should not be tilted by one person or by hand. Use
proper lifting methods.

2 Loosen the 2 bolts that hold the idler sprocket which

places tension on the chain. (Figure 35)

3 Remove the chain from the sprocket that needs to be


4 Turn this sprocket by hand either left or right depending on

which way the adjustment is needed. Adjust this sprocket
to be the same as the other 3. One tooth will usually be
enough to make the adjustment.

5 Turning the sprocket clockwise will reduce the distance

between the head casting and the table and turning the
sprocket counter-clockwise will increase this distance.


Lock Bolts

Figure 34

Not Correct Parallel

Correct Parallel

Figure 33

Cap Screws on
each Column

Figure 35

Figure 32