Cleaning, Lubrication, Mantenance schedule for optimum performance – Pioneer PNR 14-150 User Manual

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© 2006 Pioneer Supply International

© 2006 Pioneer Supply International



Always disconnect power to
the machine before perform-
ing any maintenance. Failure
to do this may result in serious
personal injury.


Mantenance Schedule for Optimum Performance

NOTE: This schedule is for machines that are under daily use. Adjust
accordingly for your level of use.


Keep unpainted cast iron parts of table clean.
Lubricate feed rollers.


Clean cutter head of all debris.
Lubricate all four columns.


Inspect V-belt tension, damage, and wear. NOTE: Should
be done after first 16 hours of use.
Clean out the dust buildup from inside cabinet and off motor.
Lubricate worm gear.
Check and lubricate drive & table height adj. chains.


Change gear box oil. NOTE: First oil change should be
done after the first 20 hours of use, then yearly afterwards.
Replace with 80W-90W gear oil.


Keep excess wood chips and sawdust off of machine, and wipe off the remaining dust with a dry cloth to
ensure moisture from wood dust does not remain on bare metal surfaces. To help prevent rusting and smooth
material feed, treat all unpainted cast iron and steel with a non-staining lubricant after cleaning.


BEARINGS: This planer features factory-sealed bearings and requires no lubrication during its lifetime. Should
a bearing fail, your planer will probably develop a noticeable rumble and or vibration, which will increase when
the machine is put under load. Do not continue use of your planer until you have replaced the worn bearing as
you may damage your planer. Bearings are standard sizes and can be replaced through local suppliers.

COLUMNS & LEAD SCREWS: The outside of the four columns should be lubricated weekly with SAE 30W
oil. The four lead screws inside the columns should be lubricated with general purpose grease once a month.

TABLE HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT CHAIN: should be inspected monthly and lubricated with general purpose
grease as needed.

WORM GEAR: The worm gear for changing the table height should be inspected monthly and lubricated with
general purpose grease when needed. Remove the worm gear box to inspect. See parts diagram for location.

GEAR BOX: Gear box oil should be changed after the first
20 hours of operation. It is not necessary to remove the
chain drive cover to access the fill/drain plugs, but doing so
will give you easier access. Replace with 80W-90W gear oil.
Inspect levels periodically and change yearly. Replace gear
oil more frequently under heavy use. NOTE: Remove the
cover and inspect the internal gears for wear. (Figure 36)

DRIVE CHAIN: The drive chain should be inspected and
lubricated monthly. Check sprocket/gear, chain and cotter
pin during inspection. Use a general purpose grease. Some
chains will have master links instead of cotter pins.

Figure 36

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