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Wall-mounting the front (S-DV440
only), center and surround speaker

Before mounting

• Remember that the speaker system is

heavy and that its weight could cause the
wood screws to work loose, or the wall
material to fail to support it, resulting in the
speaker falling. Make sure that the wall you
intend to mount the speakers on is strong
enough to support them. Do not mount on
plywood or soft surface walls.

• Mounting screws are not supplied. Use

screws that are suitable for the wall
material and that will support the weight of
the speaker.


• If you are unsure of the qualities and

strength of the walls, consult a
professional for advice.

• Pioneer is not responsible for any

accidents or damage that result from
improper installation.

5 mm

5 – 7 mm

10 mm

Wood screw

5 – 7 mm

Wood screw

Standard surround 5-spot setup

Front speaker (S-DV440 only)

Surround speaker

5 mm

10 mm

Front surround 3-spot setup
(S-DV440 only)

5 mm

5 – 7 mm

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