Panasonic RG4-E02 User Manual

Page 92

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information and tap


NOTE: You can send the contact information

using BEAM .

Assigning a category to a contact
You can use categories to help organize your
To assign a category to a contact:
1. From the

Today screen, tap Start > Programs >


2. Tap the contact.
3. Tap

Menu > Edit > Categories.

4. Tap the category that you set.
5. Tap


NOTE: Categories are shared between your
appointments, contacts, and tasks. A
category will remain in the list of shared
categories as long as it is assigned to at least
one appointment, contact, or task.

File Explorer

Use the File Explorer tool to view and manage files
saved in your Toshiba phone, or on the memory card.
1. From the

Today screen, tap Start > Programs >

File Explorer. File Explorer screen is displayed.

2. Tap the folder in which the files are saved.

Menu items on the My Documents Screen

From the

Today screen, tap Start > Programs > File

Explorer > Menu.
The following menu items are displayed in the


Documents screen:

My Document: display files saved in My Document.

Open Path: create anew path to open file.

Send...: sends the selected file via email or MMS.

Beam File...: sends the file to a contact via Bluetooth.

Refresh: refresh the document screen.

Show All Files: show all the stored files.

New Folder: create a new folder.

Rename: rename a file.

Delete: delete the selected file.

Edit: allows you to manage the file list by using

Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste Shortcut, and
Select All.

To sort files

From the

File Explorer screen, tap Sort by and

select a sorting method:

Name,Date,Size and Type.