Combining massages, Changing massage types – Panasonic EP1080 User Manual

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A built-in timer prevents overuse of the unit.
When using manual operation, the timer automatically stops operation after 15 minutes.

*If you want to continue to use the unit, we recommend that you have a break of at least 10 minutes between massages to allow

your body to rest.

Combining Massages

It is possible to combine massage types.
It is not possible to combine massage types in the same

E.g. 1 Adding Tap when Knead is selected.

E.g. 2 Adding Full Roll to the selection.

E.g. 3 Deselecting Full Roll.

Changing Massage Types

E.g. 1 Changing massage types in the same category.

(Changing to Hawaiian when Knead is selected.)

E.g. 2 Changing to a massage type outside the category.

(Changing to Tap when Knead is selected.)
• When Knead is combined with Tap, deselecting

Knead will leave only Tap.

Stopping mid-way through a massage

Immediately stopping the massage


Press the OFF/ON button.
The massage heads will move to the
retracted position, and the backrest and
legrest will automatically return to their
original position.


Press the Quick Stop button.
All movement will stop immediately.