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Connect regular phones to the Max 420 SIP

gateway and enable multiple users to

simultaneously place low-cost VoIP calls

The Max 420 SIP is compatible with the SIP-based

VoiceDirector, allowing small and medium-sized

businesses to easily benefit from VoIP calling

With the Max 420 SIP you can:

• Seamlessly migrate to VoIP calling in a corporate environment
• Benefit from VoIP without changing your current network and phone systems
• Add a full suite of value-added features and advanced functionality

Corporate Calling Solution

Up to four simultaneous calls can be made through the scalable Max

420 SIP, making it an ideal solution for small and medium-sized

businesses. With the Max 420 SIP, corporations can simplify and

accelerate their migration to VoIP calling. Since employees will be

placing calls from regular telephones, the transition is seamless.

Implemented as part of the VoiceDirector corporate calling solution,

the Max 420 SIP can drastically reduce communication costs and

deliver a quick ROI (return on investment).

Easy to Implement

Simply connect the Max 420 SIP to a switch, router or hub. Then,

you have the flexibility of connecting the FXS ports of the Max to

regular telephones or the analog trunk card of your PBX system.

Additional Corporate Functionality

The Max 420 SIP also features IVR (Interactive Voice Response) functionality, enabling call connection and

account balance announcements, password protection and various user greetings. You can also dial other

extensions connected to the unit, which is especially beneficial in an office environment.

• Switch, router or hub

• Standard telephones and/or a

PBX system

• A PC or Mac (for initial

configuration and management


Port Type


Connects To



• Regular telephones AND/OR

• Analog trunk card of a PBX