North Star M157305H User Manual

Installation, operation, and maintenance manual, Quick facts, Hot water pressure washer

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Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual



Cleans dirty surfaces with high-pressure hot water.

To the Owner:
Thank you for purchasing a NorthStar hot water pressure washer. Your machine is designed for long life,
dependability, and the top performance you demand! Take time now to read through this manual so you will
better understand the machine’s operation, maintenance and safety precautions. Everyone who operates this
machine must read and u

nderstand this manual. The time you take now will prolong your machine’s life and

prepare you for its safe operation. Enjoy the exceptional performance of your NorthStar hot water pressure
washer, the industry leader! The manufacturer reserves the right to make improvements in design and/or
changes in specifications at any time without incurring any obligation to install them on units previously sold.

Quick Facts

Pump Oil

Pump is shipped with oil. Change oil plug and check pump oil level before starting.
Use Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) or Mobil1 Synthetic15w50 for Comet
pumps and Cat pump oil (item# 22158) for Cat oil changes.


Make sure your water flow is 20% higher than the pressure washer’s flow rate.
Make sure your water is clean and particle free.


Do not allow water to freeze in the pump, hose, coil, or spray gun.


Use any NorthStar brand or equivalent pressure washer chemicals.


Pump Oil: change after first 50 hours, then every 3 months or 500 hours.

Read and understand all manuals before operating.

Any Questions, Comments, Problems or Parts Orders

NorthStar Product Support 1-800-270-0810

ITEM NUMBER: 157305,306,307,308


HP:______ Volts:______ Amp:______ Ph:_____

RPM:____ PSI:____ GPM:____ Nozzle Size:_____

Pump:___________ Hose:______ Lance:_______

Max. Discharge Temperature:_____________

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