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Shaving Ice

For best results, let ice sit in a separate bowl or container for 5-10 minutes before

putting in Ice Shaving Chamber. Ice should be slightly melted before shaving.

The Pitcher is able to hold more liquid than the fluid ounce measurements

allow, but has been marked to prevent spillage resulting from ice shaving
volume. If using the Ice Shaver, make sure to fill the Pitcher with no more

than 24-ounces of liquid. Exceeding this amount will result in spillage.

Prior to each use, make sure that Blade Cap has been

tightened for optimal shaving results.


As with most modern blending appliances, this unit has a high RPM electric

motor. It is common for the motor to emit a slight graphite or burning odor
for the first few uses. After the first few uses, the odor will go away.

Location of Water Reservoir and Cord

The Water Reservoir and cord are located at the back of the Ice Shaving Chamber.


After using your ICE SHAVING BLENDER, disconnect from electrical


outlet. Remove plug by gripping the plug body and pulling out of
the outlet. Never yank or twist cord to unplug the unit.

Thoroughly wash the clear Pitcher and Pitcher Lid, Blending Blade with


Rubber Washer, Ice Tray, Ice Chamber Lid, and Water Reservoir in warm,
sudsy water and thoroughly dry. DO NOT put the Motor Base in water.
When needed, use a damp, non-abrasive cloth to wipe exterior.

Once washing and drying is complete, reassemble your ICE SHAVING BLENDER.


Wind the cord and return to the convenient storage location at the back of
the Motor Base. Now your ICE SHAVING BLENDER is ready to use again.

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Water Reservoir

Cord Location