Parts & assembly, English – Nostalgia Electrics MARGARITA OASIS MOS-400 User Manual

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After Taking the Unit Out of the Box:

Wipe down the ICE SHAVING BLENDER exterior with a clean, non-


abrasive cloth or sponge. Thoroughly wash Pitcher, Pitcher Lid, Blending

Blade and Base, Ice Tray, Ice Chamber Lid, and Water Reservoir in warm
sudsy water and thoroughly dry. DO NOT put the Motor Base in water.

Check the base of the Pitcher to confirm the Blending Blade and Rubber


Washer are in place and the base has been properly attached.

Set the Pitcher Lid on the mouth of the Pitcher. Note the ice shaving chute moves


up and down to allow for the insertion of the Pitcher. Tip the Pitcher slightly
as you insert the mouth of the Pitcher under the ice shaving chute, pushing
upward and simultaneously setting the Pitcher Base onto the Motor Base.

To open the Ice Shaving Chamber located at the top of the Motor


Base, push the front tab away from you. With your thumb on the
tab and your first two fingers hooked into the lip (located directly
across from the tab over clear window), gently lift up.

To close the Ice Chamber Lid, note the two hinge holes located at the


top back of the Motor Base that will accept the two hinges located on
the underside of the Ice Chamber Lid. Set the hinges in place as this

Ice Shaving

Ice Tray

Water Reservoir

Pitcher & Pitcher Lid

Ice Shaving Chamber Lid

Motor Base

Brake Bar