V35 portable usb voip speakerphone – NetComm V35 User Manual

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V35 Portable USB VoIP Speakerphone

Thank you for purchasing the NetComm V35 USB VoIP Speakerphone.
The V35 is a simple to install, easy to use, portable USB hands-free
speakerphone for all VoIP or instant messaging clients such as Skype,
SIP Soft phone, MSN, iChat and Windows or Yahoo Messenger. The V35
has been designed and crafted to be durable and portable without
sacrificing any audio performance. By utilising the latest DSP technology,
the V35 delivers high quality echo free voice communication to PC or
Notebook users.

Package contents.

Review and familiarize yourself with V35’s package contents:


One NetComm V35 with a 3-in-1 cable to connect the V35 to your
Desktop PC or Notebook.


This Quick Start Guide.

Physical Overview.

( 1 ) Volume Control Knob

( 6 ) Microphone Mute Button

( 2) Speaker

( 7 ) Microphone Jack

( 3 ) Sound Source Input (mono)

( 8 ) Speaker Jack

( 4 ) Built-in Microphone

( 9 ) USB Connector for power

( 5 ) Audio out