NetComm V35 User Manual

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Special Note – Soft or Inaudible sound on some BenQ Notebooks.

The NetComm V35 is an award winning VOIP speakerphone product
designed for superior quality sound reproduction during hands-free VoIP

On some occasions it has been reported that when the microphone (pink)
jack of the V35 is connected to a BenQ Notebook, a loss of sound quality
is experienced. Some BenQ Notebooks use a different wiring convention
to other Notebooks. As a result, NetComm has supplied an additional
3.5mm male to female adaptor to resolve this issue and restore sound

If you experience this phenomenon, please follow the steps below to
rectify the issue.

A. Connecting the adaptor.


Plug the microphone jack (pink) of the V35 into the female port on the


Plug the adapter with the pink microphone cable into microphone
input jack on you PC or Notebook.


Perform a sample voice recording with your PC’s sound recorder as
described below in “B”. You should now be able to hear your own
voice recording during playback.

B. Perform a simple voice recording.


Go to Start All Programs Accessories Entertainment
and click on Sound recorder.


Click on the Red Button for Recording and speak into the V35.
(Ensure the USB, speaker and Microphone jacks are connected to
the PC or Notebook)


Click on the stop button to stop the test recording.


Click on the Rewind button to move slider back to start position and
then click on the playback button. If you hear your voice you have
fixed this problem.

Please Note:

The issue described above is peculiar only to BenQ Notebooks and
NOT due to a product defect in the V35.