Instructions – cont’d, Illustrations – Nostalgia Electrics CDC-596 User Manual

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5.) While the oil is pre-heating. Prepare the batter for your Corn
Dogs. (See Illustration B below for accessories included)

Illustration B

6.) You can mix your ingredients directly in the batter bucket, which
is provided with the OLD FASHIONED CORN DOG DEEP
FRYER™, pictured above. (See page 9 for Corn Dog Batter Recipe)

7.) Once the batter is thoroughly mixed, wipe the hot dogs dry, in
order for the batter to adhere to the dogs.

8.) Insert a stick (approx. 6” long, at least a¼” wide) straight through
the bottom center of each hot dog, leaving at least 2 to 3 inches
exposed, to use as the handle.

9.) Snap Corn Dog Rack Handle in the locking position, see
illustration C, D, E on page 6.

10.) Attach the hot dogs, with the sticks inserted, to the clips on the
corn dog rack. Then dip into batter. (See Illustration F - on page 6)



Illustration C, D, E

Illustration F