Nostalgia Electrics CDC-596 User Manual

Page 6

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Disposing of used cooking grease – Cont’d

5. Take large amounts of cooking oil to the local landfill.

6. Alternatively, recycle large amounts of used cooking oil with the
help of a cooperative local restaurant. Most restaurants have used
grease bins, whose contents are recycled into consumer products.
Ask if you can add your used oil to their grease bin.

7. Used cooking oil can also be composted with other organic matter.
If you have a compost heap or a healthy backyard earthworm
population, feed them kitchen scraps.

Handy Tip -

Save sealable plastic jars or old coffee cans for disposing of old
grease or oil.

Warning Note -
Wait until the oil has cooled completely before handling it.

Never pour oil down the drain. Even small amounts will eventually
clog the plumbing.

By following these simple instructions, your OLD FASHIONED

will be fun for friends, family, and kids

of all ages…by creating a fun display while cooking America’s
Favorite – Corn Dogs and Deep Fried Favorites!

NOTE: To prolong the life of your OLD FASHIONED CORN DOG
DEEP FRYER™ be sure to follow the cleaning instructions after every
use. Never use anything abrasive on the body to maintain the original

DO NOT move this appliance while oil is hot. Always use the
handles on either side of the unit.