Instructions – cont’d, Cleaning – Nostalgia Electrics CDC-596 User Manual

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11.) To use the deep-frying basket, see Illustration G, & H below.

Illustrations G & H



Power Light does not Come On

Check electrical plug to insure it is fully
plugged in to unit and to outlet

Corn Dog Rack bends and is not sturdy

Make sure you SNAP the handle to
locking position (see Illustration C, D, E)

Deep frying takes too long, corn dogs are

Turn temperature up and make sure to
pre-heat the oil so that the oil bubbles
when the corn dogs, etc. are lowered into
the heated oil and it deep fries quickly


1. Make sure unit is unplugged before cleaning. Allow parts to

COOL to the touch.

Before first use and continuing after each use, be sure to wipe off the
wash all accessories in warm soapy water, rinse then dry. When
necessary for more concentrated cleaning, soak in hot soapy water,
rinse, and dry thoroughly. To prolong the life of your CORN DOG
DEEP FRYER™ we suggest hand-washing parts to be cleaned.
Dishwasher use is discretionary.

Empty oil as necessary and replace. Always use both handles on
unit when disposing of oil.

Disposing of used cooking grease is an environmentally important
task. There are several ways to safely dispose of it, but it should
never be poured down the drain.
Please follow these easy steps -

1. Allow the oil to cool completely before disposing of it.

2. Decide whether the oil needs to be discarded. Oil used for deep-
frying can usually be reused several times. Strain it into a clean
sealable container.

3. To throw it away, carefully pour it into a strong sealable container,
such as an old plastic jar with a lid. Many households save jars for
this purpose. Plastic jars are better than breakable glass ones.

4. If the amount of oil is small, place the filled, sealed jar in the trash.