Suggestions and recipes, Use your imagination, have fun, Helpful tips – Nostalgia Electrics Retro RSM-650 User Manual

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Your RETRO VERTICAL SLUSH MACHINE™ will give you many opportunities to
experiment and be creative with a variety of liquids.

Suggested Fruit Drinks:
Lemonade, Orange Juice, Fruit Punch, Apple Juice, Mixed Berry Fruit Drink


Cola, Lemon/Lime soda, Grape Soda – any soda with a high sugar content

Do not use diet soda or drinks with sugar substitute as they will not freeze!

Gourmet Syrups:

Lime, Strawberry, Watermelon, Grape

Recipe: 1 1/2 Cups (12 Ounces) of syrup

6 Cups (48 Ounces) of water

2 Liters (64 Ounces) of Margarita or Daiquiri Mix
After slush is made, and drinks are poured into glasses – add Tequila or rum*

*Alcohol does not freeze, this is why you will need to add afterwards.

Use your imagination, have fun!


Drinks with a high sugar or corn syrup base will crystallize faster and produce a
thicker slush than those with milk or lower sugar content. Carbonated drinks will set
up slower and will not be as thick.

We recommend adding pre-chilled liquid to your RETRO VERTICAL SLUSH
MACHINE™: this will quicken the slush making process.

A towel placed under your RETRO VERTICAL SLUSH MACHINE™, will help with
clean-up. You should expect some dripping.

Carbonated diet drinks will not slush.

Do not use stiff mixtures such as whipped cream or frozen liquids.

Do not operate the unit longer than required. If after 40 minutes the mixture is not yet
achieved the slushie consistency or has thawed again, do not continue. Possible
reasons for mixture not chilling/freezing:


The ice canister was not cold enough, more ice and salt should have been added


The mixture was too warm


Alcohol was added to the mixture too early

DO NOT store slushies in freezer or fridge. They should be consumed immediately.

REMINDER: 32 ounces of liquid does not produce 32 ounces of slush. You are creating
slush and the liquid has solidified into ice.