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All Nautilus exercise products are warranted to the retail purchaser to be free from defects in

materials and workmanship. Warranty coverage valid to the original purchaser only and proof of
purchase will be required. Any product sold or placed in an application not recommended by Nautilus
will void any warranty coverage set forth by Nautilus warranty policies and procedures.

Time Period


Residential Environment:

30 years on frame. Parts are covered for 3 years.
Electronics are covered for 2 years.
Labor is covered for one year from date of original purchase.

This warranty excludes wear items that need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear.

This warranty does not cover

1. Any component on original equipment which carries a separate consumer warranty of the parts supplier.
2. Normal wear and tear.
3. Any damage, failure or loss caused by accident, misuse, neglect, abuse, improper assembly, improper
maintenance, or failure to follow instructions or warnings in Owner’s Manual.
4. Use of products in a manner or environment for which they were not designed.
5. Commercial or institutional use


The foregoing warranties are in lieu of and exclude all other warranties not expressly set forth herein,
whether express or implied by operation of law or otherwise, including, but not limited to, warranties of
merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Nautilus shall in no event be liable for incidental or
consequential losses, damages or expenses in connection with its exercise products. Nautilus’s
liability hereunder is expressly limited to the replacement of goods not complying with this warranty or,
at Nautilus’s election, to the repayment of an amount of the purchase price of the exercise product in
question. Some states do not permit the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties or incidental or
consequential damages, so the preceding limitations and exclusions may not apply to you.


Warranty service will be performed by Nautilus or an authorized Nautilus Fitness Dealer. The original
purchaser must provide proof of purchase. Service calls and/or transportation to and from the
Authorized Nautilus Dealer is the responsibility of the purchaser.
1. Nautilus will have the option to repair or replace any exercise product(s), which require warranty service.
2. Nautilus will replace any equipment frame that is structurally defective with a new frame or replace
the unit with a unit of equal value. Nautilus is not responsible for labor charges in replacing defective frames.
3. In the event a product cannot be repaired, Nautilus will apply a limited credit reimbursement toward
another Nautilus exercise product of equal or greater value.
4. Nautilus is not responsible for dealer labor charges for component changeovers completed after the
labor-related warranty period(s) stated herein.
5. If you elect to repair an exercise product or part yourself, using the services of someone other than an
Authorized Nautilus Dealer, or use a replacement part not supplied by Nautilus, Nautilus shall not be
liable for any cost, damage, failure or loss caused by the use of such unauthorized service or parts.

See your Authorized Nautilus Dealer for service or contact:

Technical Services Department
Nautilus Health & Fitness Group
1886 Prairie Way
Louisville, CO 80027


4. Develop a constructive attitude.

Do not focus on what you are giving up to exercise on a regular

basis, but on what new options you'll have after you become fit.

5. Engage your body and mind.

Connect on a deeper level, you'll be more likely to stay with your rou-

tine. If your exercise time on a stationary bike
is your 30-minutes away from work or a time for reflection, you're much more likely to stick with it.
Individuals claim to experience an increased sense of creativity and an enhanced thought process due to
a regular exercise program.

6. Consider many of the physiological benefits.

If a strong and fit body isn't enough to keep you

motivated, consider some of the hidden benefits of exercise: lower blood pressure, stronger heart, more
efficient pulmonary system, lower risk of osteoporosis and stress reduction.

> It's Never Too Late . . . for Fitness

Most of us have very busy schedules and to keep our fitness level intact we have to be extremely

efficient. These three words, efficiency of effort, form the core of creating your own home fitness
center. Efficiency of effort means producing maximum gains with minimal time spent; this is the goal
of most of us when designing our home fitness program.

The bottom line is you must be creative and innovative to get the best results. With this book and

your own creativity a great workout is only a few moments away; a different grip on the multi-gym, a
varied stepping rhythm on the stepper, a new intensity on the stationary wind-load simulator or a more
rapid stroke rate on the rower. By varying your workouts you'll create maximum gains in the shortest
time frames.

As you will see, your home fitness equipment will allow you to reach your fitness goals and

prepare properly for a healthier lifestyle. Anyone who is serious about fitness – or for that matter just
improving their overall fitness – should have a few basic pieces of home fitness equipment. It makes no
difference if you are a competitive cyclist or triathlete, an executive or someone trying to tone their
muscles, the home fitness center is the most efficient way to help you reach your physical potential.

Edmund R. Burke, Ph.D., is author of the Complete Home Fitness Handbook, published by Human Kinetics
Publishers. It can be found at major book stores or you can order it by calling 1-800-747-4457. He also
serves as Director of the Exercise Science Program at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

> Suggested Readings

Burke, Edmund. Complete Home Fitness Handbook, Champaign, IL., Human Kinetics Publishers, 1996.
Book illustrates how to set up a home gym, purchase equipment and gives workout programs for various
pieces of home fitness equipment.

Anderson, Bob; Pearl Bill; and Burke Ed. Getting in Shape: Workout Programs for Men & Women.
Bolinas, CA., Shelter Publications, 1994. Offers information on how to set-up a balanced fitness program
of cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

Burke, Edmund. Precision Heart Rate Training. Champaign, IL., Human Kinetics Publishers, 1998. Fine-
tune your workout intensity. This book fully explains why and how to train with a heart rate monitor.



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