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> Features and Readouts of the 2000 Computer

The bike computer keeps track of a variety of feedback functions. When a particular FUNCTION LED is on,
that function readout will appear in the corresponding window.

> Readout Definitions
Watts >

The watts feedback function keeps track of the approximate power required to pedal the

machine. To change to the next function press the scan button.

Calories >

The calories feedback function displays the approximate number of calories burned

during your workout. To change to the next function press the scan button.

Heart Rate >

If you are using a chest strap transmitter or touch sensors, the heart rate feedback

function continuously displays your working heart rate in beats per minute.

Level >

Displays the current level of resistance or program level. If the heart rate is being used the level

will display for 3 seconds when changed and then return to the heart rate display.

Speed >

The speed feedback function keeps track of your approximate mile per hour rate. To change to

the next function press the scan button.

Average Speed >

This readout continuously updates and displays your average speed for the workout.


The rpm feedback function keeps track of your pedal speed in revolutions per minute. To change

to the next function press the scan button.

Segment Time >

This is the remaining time in the course profile segment. When the segment time is

completed, you will advance to the next segment of the workout.

Time >

If a workout time is entered the remaining time of your workout will be displayed. If there is no

time entered the workout time will be displayed. To change to the next function press the scan button.

Distance >

The distance feedback function approximates the miles you’ve covered in your workout. To

change to the next function press the scan button.

Scan >

The scan function will continuously rotate through the above feedback functions.


Your Nautilus NB/NR 1000 computer allows for a great amount of workout variety and options while
being a simple easy to operate design. The 1000 computer requires (4) AA batteries for operation.
The resistance of the 1000 is controlled by the Tension Knob located on the Console Mast just below
the computer. You have 16 levels of resistance. To increase resistance turn the Tension Knob clockwise.
Turning the Knob counterclockwise will decrease resistance.

Begin slowly with a resistance level you are comfortable with. As your fitness level improves you will
slowly strive to increase your resistance.

> English or Metric Selection

When your computer is first powered up or when batteries have been replaced, you will need to select
Miles or Kilometer readouts. To have the computer display in English (Miles), press the ARROW key
until the “E” is lit on the display. Press ENTER/QUICK START to confirm. Select the “M” to display in
Metric (Kilometers)

> Operation

To begin you can simply press the ENTER/QUICK START button and begin exercising. You may also
select a target goal of time or distance.
1. To select a goal of distance, press the top SCAN key. To select a goal of time, press the bottom SCAN key.
2. Using the + or – ARROW keys enter your workout goal (Example: 35:00). Then begin your workout,
when your workout goal is reached the beeper will sound letting you know your workout is complete.

> Computer Readouts
Speed >

Current Speed at which you are pedaling displayed in MPH or KPH

Distance >

Total distance for your current workout


Current pedal revolutions per minute.

Average Speed >

Your average pedaling speed in MPH or KPM

Heart Rate >

Your current heart rate displayed as beats per minute.

(Note: Both hands must be on metal heart rate sensors for this feature to operate.)

Calories >

Approximate calories burned for the current workout.

Odometer >

Total distance on the bike for the life of the machine displayed in miles or km.

(Note: This feature is reset if batteries are removed.)

Time >

Total duration of workout.

Average Speed Arrows >

An arrow will flash in the left side of the upper display window to indicate

whether your current speed is above or below your average speed. When the upper arrow is lit your
current speed is higher than your average speed.

Scan >

Using the two SCAN keys to the right of the display, you may either select a single readout be

displayed constantly or you can automatically scroll through each of the readouts every few seconds.
A small circle will be lit up the right side of the display to let you know the Scan function is on.


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