Part six – display reading and what they mean – Nighthawk KN-COPP-3 User Manual

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Part Six – Display Reading and What They Mean

Start-up and Normal Operation Readings

Page 6-3 and 6-4 contain vital information about the various readings you may

see on your display. We suggest you keep this User’s Guide handy for reference.

Your new Nighthawk carbon monoxide alarm is a sophisticat-
ed electronic device – yet very simple to understand. Basically,
the unit will display a “0” if it does not sense carbon monox-
ide and if you have a good 9V backup battery installed.
If it senses carbon monoxide, it will display a reading so you
can see if you have a non-threatening or emergency situation.

However, if the backup battery is low or missing, or if the unit
malfunctions it will display other readings (and alarm differ-
ently) to alert you that something is wrong with the alarm.
Please familiarize yourself and other family members to the
difference between a CO reading and a reading signifying a
problem with the alarm itself.

Display Shows

Alarm Sound

Unit Status

Recommended Action

Brief “888” and

One short “chirp”

Self checking when AC powered

None – Unit should quickly

flashing dot

return to zero.

“Lb” and dot

One short “chirp”

Start-up or reset phase when

Install or Replace 9V battery

flashes alternately

every 15 seconds.

AC powered and low battery

Refer to page 1-4.

with “0”.

Steady “0”


Normal AC operation (sensing


and flashing dot

no CO) and with good battery

Steady display of

4 quick beeps,

High level of CO detected

Refer to page 4-1

high number (in the

5 seconds off,

hundreds of ppm)


and flashing dot

(flashes alternately)


If at any time you test the alarm and it does not perform as described, have it replaced immediately.

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