North Star M165939J User Manual

Owner’s manual, Portable, outdoor use-only, triple fuel generator, Warning

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Owner’s Manual

Instructions for Installation/Set-up, Operation, Servicing, &


Portable, Outdoor Use-Only, Triple Fuel Generator

10,500 Watt Continuous (13,000 Watt Surge) Capacity

Can be used to power individual appliances plugged directly into the generator’s outlets, or as a
back-up connection to a building’s power supply (via a professionally installed UL-approved
transfer switch.


READ and UNDERSTAND this manual completely before using the generator! Failure to properly set up,
operate, and maintain this generator could result in serious injury or death from carbon monoxide poisoning,
electric shock, fire/explosion, or burns
. In particular, be aware of the following hazards:

CO Poisoning

Generators give off carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas that can kill you. You CANNOT smell it, see it, or taste it.

• ONLY run generator OUTDOORS and AWAY from building air intakes. NEVER run generator inside any enclosed or

semi-enclosed spaces, including homes, basements, garages, sheds, boxes, RVs, boats or pick-up truck beds. These
spaces can trap poisonous gases, EVEN if you run a fan or open windows.

• Carbon monoxide is given off whether you are using gasoline, natural gas, or propane to power the generator.

• Install carbon monoxide alarms inside nearby structures/buildings (battery-operated, or plug-in with battery backup).

Electric shock / Electrocution

• High voltage electricity from generator can kill. DO NOT operate in wet locations. Be sure generator is properly

grounded. Use only UL-listed, outdoor-rated grounded extension cords of proper size.

• NEVER plug the generator directly into a wall outlet. ANY connection to a building’s electrical system MUST

ISOLATE THE GENERATOR FROM UTILITY POWER via a UL-approved transfer switch installed by a licensed
electrician. Otherwise, back feed from the generator into the power grid could kill utility workers.

Fire / Explosion

• DO NOT overload generator (per rated capacity), and OPERATE ONLY in an area with adequate cooling ventilation so

engine does not overheat. Exhaust can be extremely hot. Keep muffler at least 7’ from all combustible objects.

• All fuels are flammable. Never fuel a running or hot engine. Never pump fuel directly into generator at gas station – use

approved container to transfer fuel. Ensure there are no fuel leaks, and keep sources of sparks and flames away.

• LPG/NG hook-ups must be completed by a certified gas technician and comply with all federal and local requirements.

ALWAYS keep a fire extinguisher rated “ABC” nearby.


CHOOSE THE RIGHT GENERATOR FOR YOUR NEEDS. See the “Power load Planning & Management” section

of this manual to determine your power load requirements and then compare to the generator’s rated capacity.

INSPECT COMPONENTS: Closely inspect to make sure no components are missing or damaged. See the “Unpacking

& Delivery Inspection” section for instructions on whom to contact to report missing or damaged parts.

ARRANGE FOR PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION of transfer switch and/or NG/LPG hook-ups, if they will be used.
See the “Installation/Initial Set-Up” section for more information about these requirements.

Any Questions, Comments, Problems, or Parts Orders

Call NorthStar Product Support 1-800-270-0810


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