NetComm NCT1000 User Manual

Netcomm ip dslam’s

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NCT-1000 (Mini) - up to 288 ports

NCT-1020 (Micro) - up to 72 ports

NetComm’s NCT-1000 (Mini) and NCT-1020 (Micro)
IP DSLAMs are designed for delivering high speed
Internet services for large buildings with multiple
dwellings - such as multi-level hotels/motels,
serviced apartments, high-rise tenancy units, student
accommodation buildings, retirement villages and
more. Installed in the basement or comms room, it has
the ability to deliver triple play services (high speed
Internet, Voice over IP and Video on Demand) using the
building’s existing telephone lines.
For building managers, this technology represents not
only a great drawcard to attract guests/tenants but is
also a highly profi table source of revenue.
By using Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology, the
NCT-1000 or NCT-1020 provides a cost-effective and
scalable infrastructure to meet the requirements of a
wide range of building tenants. A unit starts at 24 ports
and can be expanded up to 72 ports (for the NCT-
1020) and up to 288 ports (for the NCT-1000).
Both units can also support ADSL or SHDSL cards in
the same chassis.
NetComm can provide the total packaged solution
for a complete building fi t-out including DSLAM
chassis, ADSL cards, management cards and modem
equipment for each room/residence.

Fast Ethernet (10/100 Mbps) and Gigabit Ethernet WAN

interfaces (for copper telephone and optical fi bre cables)

802.1d Spanning Tree Algorithm
802.1p Priority Queuing (2 priority queues) for QoS
802.1q Tagged VLAN
802.3ad Link Aggregation to provide load sharing and fail over


Broadcast storm control
Suitable for MTU/MDU/MHU applications, and for co-location

application in the central offi ce

Shelf extension via an Ethernet interface
MAC fi ltering (up to 5 MAC addresses) & IP fi ltering (up to 5 IP

addresses) for security

IGMP snooping for multicast services
PPPoE & Web authentication pass-through
802.1x and RADIUS client
Remote confi guration backup/restoration and fi rmware


Local management via the console port
Supports Web-based, SNMP and Telnet for network


POTS Splitter shelf for voice service is available
Compatible ADSL and SHDSL modems/routers are available


Ethernet Backhaul Remote Management

NetComm IP DSLAM’s

NCT-1000 (Mini) & NCT-1020 (Micro)