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LFM Series Low Frequency Modules

Owner’s Manual

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Table of Contents

 Please Read First
 Table of Contents
 LFM Series Low Frequency Modules
4 Before You Begin
4 Installing Subwoofer Feet
4 LFM Controls and Connections
5 Subwoofers, Bass and Overall System Performance
5 Setup Guide


Connecting to Your System


Connecting to a System with a Subwoofer Preamp Output


Connecting to a System with no Preamp Outputs

7 Subwoofer Placement


Notes On Subwoofer Placement

8 Setting the LFM Controls


Variable Crossover


Phase Switch


Volume Level

8 S


The Scattered Subwoofer System


What’s Needed to Connect Two Subwoofers?


Placement and Level Control

9 Care and Maintenance




When You Are Away

9 Troubleshooting


Outlaw Service Information


Troubleshooting Guide


Model LFM-1 Compact Specifications


Model LFM- Specifications


The Outlaw Audio 0-Day Satisfaction Guarantee


Outlaw Audio Limited Warranty

LFM Series

Low Frequency Modules

Congratulations on the purchase of an Outlaw Audio LFM Low Frequency Module,
you now own one of the finest subwoofers available. The LFM series subwoofers
provide deep, tight, bass extension that’s powerful enough to meet the most de-
manding requirements of any movie or musical source. The LFM series subwoofers
blend effortlessly with both small satellite speakers and large tower speakers alike.
This seamless integration is made possible by a flexible crossover network, which
may also be disengaged for use with advanced bass-management systems.
Among the LFM’s many features are:

A down firing design that virtually eliminates audible port noise

A long throw 10" (LFM-1 Compact) and 8" (LFM-2) driver for deep

bass extension

A powerful BASH¨ amplifier (LFM-1 Compact: 225-watts and

LFM-2: 150-watts) for precise driver control

Signal Sense for automatic turn on/off

180-degree phase control

Line and speaker level inputs

Detachable power cord


The carton and packing materials used in shipping your new subwoofer were
specially designed to cushion it from the shocks and vibrations of shipping. We
strongly suggest that you save the carton and packing materials to use if you move,
or if the unit ever needs to be shipped back to us for any reason.
To minimize the size of the carton in storage, you may wish to flatten it by carefully
opening the top and bottom flaps and folding the carton. Packing materials that
cannot be collapsed should be saved along with the carton in a plastic bag.


After unpacking your LFM series subwoofer please confirm that the following
accessories have been included.

AC Power Cord

4 Black (Metal) Carpet Spikes

4 Black (Metal) Dimpled Discs

This Owner’s Manual

If any of the above is missing from your shipment, please contact Outlaw Audio

LFM Series Low Frequency Modules

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