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Outlaw Audio

Owner’s Manual

Before You Begin

Before proceeding with the integration of the LFM into your system, please observe
the following precautions and suggestions.

Do not plug the power cord into the LFM until all other connections have
been made.

Always refer to the instructions that came with your receiver or processor for
specific procedures, warnings and options.

Do not attempt to operate the LFM unless the feet have been properly installed.
This may restrict driver movement and will cause damage to your LFM that
is not covered by the warranty.

When using the subwoofer on surfaces such as wood floors and certain tight
weave rugs, be sure to use the supplied dimpled discs to prevent damage to
the floor’s surface. You are responsible for determining when the use of these
discs is required.

Make sure to insert all plugs and connectors securely. Improper connections
can result in noise, poor performance, or damage to the equipment.

Do not bundle the subwoofer cable or speaker wire with the power cord. This
may adversely affect the sound quality and introduce unwanted hum into
your system.

Installing Subwoofer Feet

Proper installation of the supplied feet/carpet spikes is necessary for ALL LFM
subwoofer setups. These spikes provide the ground clearance that is required for
optimal performance and safety. Failure to use the feet provided will result in
damage not covered under the Outlaw Audio Warranty. For your convenience
we have provided “dimpled discs“ that may be used when the LFM is placed on
surfaces other than carpet, such as wood, tile, certain rugs and linoleum surfaces
to prevent damage to the floor or floor covering.

To install the spikes, follow these steps:

1. Carefully turn the subwoofer upside down.

. Screw a foot/carpet spike into the threaded hole in each corner of the

LFM subwoofer.

Tighten the spike by hand until no threads are showing and the base of
the foot is flush with the bottom of the cabinet.

NOTE: If the LFM is being placed on a surface that may be damaged
by the carpet spikes, place one of the black, dimpled discs that is sup-
plied with the LFM subwoofer on the floor surface in each corner of
the location where the LFM will be placed.

. After all four carpet spikes have been installed, turn the LFM over so

that it is upright.

We recommend that this be done by two people due to the weight of the
unit, and to make certain that the floor surface is not damaged while the
unit is being turned back to the upright positions.

Before You Begin

LFM Controls and Connections



When your receiver does not have line level outputs available for a subwoofer
connection, connect the speaker outputs of the receiver here.



This indicator is green when the LFM is on and red when power is applied,
but the unit is in the standby mode.


AUTO Power Switch

Enables the LFM’s signal sense mode so that the unit turns on automatically
when an audio signal is present.


PHASE Switch

Switches the phase of the LFM subwoofer with respect to the main speakers.


VOLUME Control

Use this knob to control the output level of the LFM.



Sets the frequency of the built in variable low pass crossover.

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