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LFM Series Low Frequency Modules

Owner’s Manual

Troubleshooting Guide



Humming or Buzzing Noise

Power down your system and remove the Interconnects between your components. Power your

system back on. If the hum goes away when the interconnects are disconnected, the hum is

coming from the rest of your equipment. Plug In the Interconnects one at a time for each

component until you come across the specific component generating the hum.

No output from the subwoofer

Check that the power cord is plugged in securely at both ends and make sure that the power

(the LED does not light up)

outlet the subwoofer is plugged into is functioning properly.

Check the fuse. The fuse is located just above the power plug on the subwoofer. Unplug the power
cord and remove the fuse holder with a screwdriver and check the fuse. If the fuse is blown, replace the
fuse with a 20 mm 2.5A slow blow fuse (LFM-1 Compact) or 20mm 1.6A slow blow fuse (LFM-2).

If the fuse blows again, the output transistors are probably damaged. Email or call technical support for
further assistance.

The subwoofer is not receiving a signal

Recheck the connections between the receiver/processor and the subwoofer. On the back of the

(Red light does not turn green)

subwoofer, make sure the power switch is set to "auto" or "on".

No output from the subwoofer (LED lights up red)

Connect the signal cable to another subwoofer or amplifier. If you get output, then the amplifier is
faulty. Email or call technical support for authorization to send the amplifier back for service.

No output from the subwoofer (LED turns green)

With the subwoofer power cord removed, disconnect the woofer and make sure that the two

speaker wires that come from the subwoofer amplifier are securely connected to the woofer.

If they are not, secure them or call/email technical support for assistance.


Care and Maintenance


When the LFM Series Subwoofer cabinet becomes dirty, wipe it with a clean, soft,
dry cloth. If necessary, first wipe the surface with a soft cloth slightly dampened
with mild soapy water, then with a fresh cloth dampened with clean water. Wipe
dry immediately with a dry cloth.
NEVER use benzene, thinner, alcohol or any other volatile cleaning agent. Do
not use abrasive cleaners, as they may damage the finish of the metal parts.
Avoid spraying insecticide, waxes, polishing agents, or any aerosol product near
the unit.

When You Are Away

If you will not be using your home theater system for an extended period of time,
it is always a good idea to turn the unit off using the Master Power Switch on the
rear panel of the subwoofer. This will prevent the automatic turn on circuits from
accidentally powering the system on during your absence.


Your Outlaw Model LFM Series Subwoofer is designed for trouble free operation.
If you follow the instructions in this manual you should experience many years
of high quality listening enjoyment. However, as with any sophisticated electronic
device, there may be occasional problems upon initial installation, or during the
life of the unit.
The items on the following list are a brief guide to the minor problems that you
may be able to correct yourself. If these solutions do not rectify a problem, or if
the problem persists, contact us for assistance.

Outlaw Service Information

If you follow the instructions in this manual you should experience many years of
trouble free operation and, of course, high quality listening enjoyment. The Outlaw
LFM Series Subwoofers do not contain any user serviceable parts. If you suspect a
problem that may require service assistance, call us at 866-688-5292.
It is important that only a service agent authorized by Outlaw Audio carry out any
repairs. Keep your sales slip or receipt in a safe place with this manual so that it
will be available to verify the purchase date, should you experience a problem
covered by our warranty.

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