Photography with shutter-speed priority – Olympus OM 10 User Manual

Page 29

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When photograhing fast moving subjects, there is
a marked tendency to obtain a blurred image of
the subject. This can be made use of as a techni-
que to give the impression of movement, by inten-
tionally allowing the image to be blurred, while

making use of the shutter speed priority function.

Pictures taken with this technique offer an inter-

esting challenge. Turn the aperture ring until the

light in the viewfinder appears by the shutter

speed value suitable for the photographic situa-

tion, and then press the shutter release button.

which blur is not likely to occur.
When the light appears at "1" (1 sec.), the

shutter speed is 1 sec. or longer. In such a case

it is recommended to turn the aperture ring to

the lower f-numbers within the proper ex-

posure range.