Quest Diagnostics QUESTEMP 36 User Manual

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battery. If the rechargeable battery pack ever needs to be replaced, it can be
accessed by removing the screws from the bottom panel of the unit.

The 2-position switch located in the battery compartment must be set by the user
if the power supply method is changed. The up position is for the 9 volt battery.
The down position allows for either the AC adapter or the rechargeable
batteries. The AC adapter will trickle charge the rechargeable batteries if they
are in place or it will simply allow for line power operation of the unit.


WARNING: Replace batteries only in a non-hazardous environment.

The 9 volt battery should be replaced or the NiMH battery pack should be
recharged when the voltage drops below 6.4 volts. The battery voltage is
displayed when the instrument is turned on. While turned on, the battery
voltage can be displayed at any time by pressing the up or down arrow keys to
move through the display until the battery voltage screen appears. If, while
operating, the battery voltage drops below 6.4 volts, the display will
automatically switch to the display showing the battery voltage along with a
low battery message. After a low battery occurs, the unit will continue to
operate for approximately 8 hours. When the battery voltage falls to 6.2 volts
or below, the unit will automatically turn off.

Replace only with an approved 9 volt alkaline battery.

Eveready: Energizer 522, EN22
Duracell: MN1604
Panasonic: 6AM6X
Rayovac: A1604


WARNING: Recharge batteries only in a non-hazardous environment.

The NiMH rechargeable battery pack is charged in the instrument using
Quest’s AC adapter #015-910. A discharged battery pack requires an
“overnight” charge of 16 hours. Leaving the AC adapter plugged in for
extended lengths of time or when operating the instrument will not harm the
rechargeable batteries.




Globe, dry bulb, wet bulb, WBGTin, WBGTout, WBGT weighted average
(if 3 sensor sets), relative humidity, and Heat Index / Humidex.

Temperatures given in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Data Logging:

Records and prints all measurements at user selected interval of 1, 2, 5, 10,
15, 30, or 60 minutes. 128K bytes of data memory.


English, French, Spanish, Italian, German


Designed water resistant to a light rain or mist. If rain is frequent, best
practice would be to remote the sensor bar and keep the instrument


Height 9.2in (23.5cm); Width 7.2in (18.3mm); Depth 3.0in (7.5mm)

Dimensions include mounted sensor assembly


2.6 lbs. (1.2 kg) with mounted sensor assembly

Sensor Types:

Temperature: 1000 ohm platinum RTD
Humidity: Integrated circuit with capacitive polymer sensor


Temperature: +/-0.5

°C between 0°C and 100°C

Relative Humidity: +/-5%

Operating Temperature Range:

Sensor Assembly: -5

°C to +100°C

Electronics: -5

°C to 60°C

Operating Relative Humidity Range:

0 to 100% (extended exposure to humidity > 90% can cause a reversible
shift of 3%)