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The Heat Index is defined over a temperature range of 70

°F - 120°F (21°C -


°C) and a relative humidity range of 30% - 99%. Outside of this range, the

instrument will show dashes in the display for the Heat Index.

The Humidex, used primarily in Canada, works on the same concept as the
Heat Index. The values are slightly different. The Humidex is defined over a
temperature range of 70

°F - 109°F (21°C - 43°C) and a relative humidity range

of 20% - 99%. Outside of this range, the instrument will show dashes in the
display for the Humidex.


The QUESTemp

°36 measures airflow if Quest’s Air Probe accessory is

used. The Air Probe uses an omni-directional anemometer sensor that
measures air flow between 0 and 20 meters per second in 0.1m/s
increments. Refer to Section 11 for more information.


Thermal comfort readings for indoor environments are a benefit of
QuestSuite software and are not displayed or printed from the instrument
directly. Readings are derived from the dry bulb, relative humidity, mean
radiant temperature, airflow, and user entered parameters of clothing,
metabolic rate and external work.

Thermal comfort indices, Predicted Mean Vote (PMV) and Predicted Percent
Dissatisfied (PPD), help predict the thermal satisfaction level of a person with
their indoor environment. The PMV is a rating scale of +3 to -3 where +3 is
much to warm, -3 is much too cool, and 0 is thermally neutral. The PPD
reflects what percent of people in a given location would be dissatisfied with
their thermal surroundings.

The formulas used by QuestSuite to derive the PMV and PPD come from the
international standard ISO 7730 “Moderate thermal environments -
Determination of the PMV and PPD indices and specification of the conditions
for thermal comfort”.



Use the UP ARROW and DOWN
ARROW keys to move the marker in
the display in front of the desired
mode. Pressing the I/O ENTER key
will select the mode.


Displays the measured data but does not log it. If more than one set of sensors
is plugged into the unit, they can be displayed by pressing and releasing the I/O
ENTER key. The displayed sensor set is shown in the upper right corner.
Return to the menu by holding down the I/O ENTER key while a three second
countdown is shown in the lower right corner of the display.


Allows changing temperature units, language, time, date, logging rate,
selecting between Heat Index and Humidex, turning air flow on or off, and
setting stay time parameters. Use the ARROW keys to select an item and the
I/O ENTER key to change it. Time and date require using the ARROW and
I/O ENTER keys to modify each number.

Temperature: Celsius, Fahrenheit.
Language: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German.
Time: 24 hour clock only.
Date: Day-month-year format.
Log Rate: 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes.
Heat Index (United States), Humidex (Canada)
Flow: On, Off
Index: none, ACGIH, Navy, EPRI
Using: WBGT indoor, WBGT outdoor (for use with Index)
Acclimated, Unacclimated (for use with Index)
Clo Correction: 0 - 9.9

°C (This is a clothing correction for the WBGT in

degrees Celsius. Do not confuse this with clothing insulation values.)

Notes for using the Index settings:
• Acclimated and unacclimated only apply to the ACGIH Index. EPRI and Navy

will ignore this setting.

• Clothing Correction will be applied to the selected WBGT when the work

duration is calculated but will not affect the WBGT as displayed by the unit.
This value should typically be set to 0.0 for the Navy.

Exit SETUP by pressing the RUN STOP key.