Teac’s passion for music is everlasting – Teac 600 User Manual

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Foundation of TEAC Corporation, in Tokyo Japan

Launch of the world‘s first Stereo Compact Cassette Deck, A-20

Launch of the new flagship Hi-Fi system, Reference 600 series

TEAC’s Passion for Music is Everlasting.

The TEAC story began over half a century ago when a young

Japanese engineer, Katsuma Tani, introduced a tape-recorder to

the market. Since then, a continued commitment to music has

generated a plethora of first-class audio products proudly carrying

the TEAC brand name. Now, Tani’s passion to the music has been

handed down to today’s engineers in order for them to deliver the

passion contained in every single musical note to all.

Launch of the first TEAC DAB product, T-H300DAB

Launch of the first TEAC premium Components, Reference 500 series

Launch of the best-selling Stereo Cassette Deck, C-1

Launch of the first TEAC CD Player, PD-11

Launch of the first TEAC Dolby NR Stereo Cassette Deck, A-350

Launch of the best-selling Reel-to-reel Tape Recorder, A-4010S

Launch of the first TEAC Stereo Tape Recorder, TR-102