Teac 600 User Manual

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Enforced Power Supply

A large Toroidal-core power transformer delivers ample current power
to the heart of the amplifier and a Schottky barrier diode in the rectifier
circuit offers great advantages in responding to sudden musical surges.
The AG-H600DNT also carries many ELNA electrolytic capacitors and
resistors exclusively designed for high fidelity products. There is an
oxygen-free copper coil for the audio filter in the power amplifier
section. Also, in the power amplifier, a Direct FET Power MOSFET is
employed to maximize fully the Class-D amplifier.

There is no limit to versatility

With an integrated iPod docking station, the AG-H600NT is more

than flexible enough to handle today’s latest portable music players.

Moreover, with the innovative AG-H600NT, Internet Radio offers

countless music stations from all over the world – while a neat AM/

FM tuner delivers your local information. No matter where you are,

over 10,000 Internet Radio stations are available – from a cool jazz

station riff in New York City to a meditative beat from mystic Bali.

Uncompromised Details

TEAC has even thought of incorporating large speaker cable

terminals for a better connection – and included an FL display that

can be turned off to cancel the unwanted effects of high-frequency

radiation noise.

For Massive Sound with Great Subtlety

A closer look at the electronics reveals that Burr-Brown’s 24-bit/192kHz

Delta-sigma D/A Converters maximize the potential of the latest

compact-disc recordings. In addition, as you would expect from TEAC,

every component – including the ELNA electrolytic capacitors and

resistors – are exclusively chosen by experienced engineers for true

audiophiles. A shunt regulator maintains the same level of output

current by adjusting the value of the resistors, which are connected in

parallel in the in-flow current section.

Flawless Current to Every Single Section

In addition, a Toroidal-core power transformer is incorporated into the

CD player, to supply a stable current to the unit, while the thick film

resistors used in the signal input section also contribute to the player’s

natural, free-flowing sound. In order to avoid jitter noise, a master

clock generator, operated with a finite low-noise current, is located

independently on the circuit adjacent to the D/A converter.

Fully Armoured

The CD tray itself is constructed using one of the strongest synthetic

materials available, contributing to the anti-vibration qualities when the

disc is rapidly rotating and ensuring rigidity throughout. In addition,

the CD mechanism is positioned at the precise centre of the unit, thus

optimising the balance-to-weight ratio.

Moreover, construction of the unit has been fully equipped with a

robust chassis and thick aluminium panels for the front, top, and sides.

AG-H600NT, Stereo Receiver

PD-H600, CD Player