Teac 600 User Manual

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It is a fact that a clean and stable power supply is critical when striving to achieve the ultimate audio performance. Any sudden and rapid

increase of the signal level required in a musical passage, such as in the introduction to the second movement of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony,

requires a measured and controlled power input. That’s why, from the very beginning of its development, TEAC’s engineers carefully designed

the power supply section of the AG-H600NT to deliver pure and unwavering power supply to every single part of the unit.

Shown with a Docking Station for iPod, DS-20. (iPod not included)

When you first listen to TEAC’s top-of-the-range Stereo Receiver, the AG-H600NT,

you’ll experience the same emotions as the performing musicians.

This is achieved not by magic but through the accumulation of TEAC’s superior technology and experience.