Vienna Acoustics Mahler User Manual


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Additional Instructions



Please take care of an important feature of Mahler: On the backside of Mahler, on the terminal, under the
binding posts you will find 2 sinkings, housing 2 tiny switches being moved by any sharp tool. Small switch,
big effect: This is an important Room Tuning aid: One allows room-tuning by lifting bass for bass-swallowing

Symbols: B is for Bass, N is for Neutral, + is for stronger bass.

One switch is lowering lower treble for e.g. echoing undamped walls:

Symbols: H is for High frequencies, N is for Neutral, - is for smoothened tweeter response.

In neutral position N both switches do not have any contact to the circuitry!

You can influence Mahler´s environment not only with the switches, but by positioning Mahler regarding his
basses on the side. As they are mounted on one side of the cabinet (left and right speaker), it is possible to let
them fire inwards or outwards and so to influence the bass response to match room acoustic. This room-
tuning is made possible by the bass-modes in a room, which change immediately by being stimulated on
different places. As an indication, in most cases a positioning with basses outwards creates a more powerful
bass response, whereas basses inwards tend to more slender bass reaction. We suggest to start with position

When mounting the base to the Mahler bottom please note that the base is mounted in the right direction, so
that the frontplate juts out: