Vienna Acoustics Waltz Grand Series User Manual

Waltz grand

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Now, as always, speakers form the most important link in a stereo and home theater
system. Therefore, they should be positioned and connected with care. It is our hope
that the information contained within this manual will help you in setting up your new
speakers and provide you with many years of listening pleasure.

Your Vienna Acoustics Team


For WALTZ, the same outstanding veneer wrapping technique as for all our other spea-
kers is used, and the same high grade qua-lity in finish and workmanship is executed.

Just like all the other Vienna Acoustics speakers, WALTZ features massive and inert
cabinet construction. Vienna Acoustics cabi-nets are designed with the latest computer
modeling techniques and use a combination of amorphous materials in order to ensure
that they are both stiff and well damped. Additionally, our designs feature narrow front
baffles in order to promote accurate imaging. The combination of precise construction
using furniture grade finishing techniques and complex internal damping produce de-
signs capable of accurately rendering music.


All connections must be complete and secure, since poor contact between speaker
cable and input connector can lead to degradation
of sound quality. It is also a good idea to make a point of regularly cleaning all
connections in your system since oxidation will build up on a regular basis.