Vienna Acoustics Principal Grand User Manual

Principal grand - subwoofer

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Owner´s Manual

Thank you for your investment in our PRINCIPAL

GRAND Subwoofer, we trust that you will enjoy the

musical performance this product offers!

Please read this manual carefully and utilize the setup

suggestions discussed. Ultimately, the most important

part of the process is to listen to music and enjoy. Our

suggestions are just that, suggestions.

If you find in your listening environment that a slightly

different adjustment in setup results in a more

enjoyable sonic picture, then follow it. All rooms are

different and thus, we cannot give an accurate, single

installation instruction guide that will cover all possible

environ-ments. Please feel free to contact us or your

local distributor with any setup related questions. It is

our collective goal to ensure that you achieve the best

possible performance out of this sophisticated product.

Thank you again and happy listening.


Vienna Acoustics